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We Provide Innovative AND
Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions


KCA NIGERIA LIMITED is an Indigenous organisation that was incorporated/established in 2013 for the purposes of rendering Engineering and Construction, Piling and Pile Foundation, Dredging, Environmental, Equipment Leasing, Transportation and Haulage, Procurement and Supply Services to Governments and its Institutions, NonGovernmental, Non-Profit or Humanitarian Organizations, Oil and Gas Industries, Corporate Organizations, Large, Medium and Small Scale Businesses, including Private Establishments and Individuals.

KCA NIGERIA LIMITED has the ability to execute projects/services for Start-Up and New Businesses – something most companies won’t do. If need be, our services can be provided to Clients in a joint venture or private partnership program where the finances for such services are not readily available but can be secured over a period of time. 

What make us  different

innovative engineering

exceptional service

creative solutions

impressive results

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Global Partners

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