Equipment Leasing, Transportation and Haulage Services

KCA NIGERIA LIMITED offer equipment leasing, transportation and haulage services for equipment packages of all ranges. We specialize in serving companies and businesses and we own a large fleet of trucks and vehicles, including other range of equipment that is second to none in the industry. KCA
equipment, transport and haulage department maintains high quality standard for service delivery. By servicing our own machinery, we are able to supply our clients with equipment that is in good condition at all times.

  • KCA Equipment Leasing services cover the following areas:
  • Sales / Leasing of Vehicles and Automobiles
  • Sales / Leasing of Land/Swamp Construction Equipment (Cranes, Excavators, Bulldozers,
  • House Boats, Tug boats, etc)

At KCA NIGERIA LIMITED, we strive to provide our customers with dependable, professional and friendly service. We hereby state that we have the capacity and capability in terms of equipment and products, transportation and haulage services to be able to meet your demands and the high. KCA Transportation and Haulage services are executed using the following land and marine equipment:

  • Flat Bed trailers
  • Low Bed Trailers
  • Tipping Trucks
  • Self Loaders
  • Pick Up trucks
  • Ramp / Dump Barges
  • Service and Crew Boats, etc