Engineering and Construction Services

At KCA Nigeria Limited we provide Engineering and Construction services be it Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Services to various businesses and organizations.


Our Engineering Construction activities include but not limited to the following;

  • Civil Construction Design.
  • Steel and Metal Structural works.
  • Building and Renovation of New/Existing Structures.
  • Highway and Road Construction, Steel and, Jetty Construction.
  • Drainage and Landscaping works.
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Flood/ Erosion Control Works/Management
  • Urban Planning and Municipal Development studies
  • Civil Engineering Project Feasibility and Development studies
  • Mechanical Design and Construction
  • Land/Swamp flowlines/pipelines construction and Leak repair Structural Construction
  • Cathodic Protection Design.
  • Construction, Installation and Maintenance Plant Turn-Around.
  • Maintenance Construction, Welding, Repair and Maintenance of Onshore/Swamp/Offshore Pipelines of all sizes.
  • Machine Shop Production
  • Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Rotating Equipment, Pumps, Engines, Generators and Compressors
  • Transformers (step up and down) of any specifications
  • Electrical Poles Installation and Electrical Wires Installation
  • Community and Industrial Electrification
  • Power generating sets (sound proof and non sound proof models) dependent on specification.
  • Welding generators of any Specification
  • Power and Hand tools (Electric and Manual) with reference to specifications.
  • Industrial Electrical Distribution, Panel boards, Switchboards, e.t.c.